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Just a reminder to anyone still subscribed that I'm not presently playing this character in any games.
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Interested in doing anything involving this character? Take a look here and see if this gives you any ideas, and/or comment to this post or PM this account to see about setting something up!

Name: Koakuma
Description: Klutzy assistant librarian with four wings; two on her back, two on her head. Kind of nervous. A bit of a prankster sometimes.
Status: Tripping over everything. Everything.
Seeking: The mun vastly prefers positive CR.
Pings: Libraries, books, reading, mention of anyone she knows.
Plans: The mun's only real plan is to get out there and have fun!
Will Not Work With: The mun is not comfortable with sex scenes, extreme horror, serious injury, or character death. Mild horror is debatable.
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If you have something you want to say to me regarding how I play this character—questions, concerns, suggestions, anything—then leave a comment here and I'll get back to you about it as soon as I can!

Some things to keep in mind:
This is not intended to be a replacement for any in-game public HMDs, but rather an option for anyone who is not comfortable with bringing their concerns up in public or simply doesn't want to wait for the next HMD post to come up.

■ All comments are screened by default, and will be un-screened when I respond. If you commented while logged in, you may request in your comment that it be re-screened after my response has been given.

■ Anonymous comments are allowed, and IP logging is disabled. Anonymous commenters may not request re-screening.

■ This account does accept private messages, if you would rather have true privacy. Private messages are also preferred if you want a full conversation rather than a single simple comment/response, as it would save the time of having to un-screen (and possibly re-screen) comments.

Please remember to be polite! Inflammatory comments and such will be ignored!
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All times given are US/Eastern, and are subject to changes due to family plans, changes in work schedule, or other things just taking priority over RP.
(I like to pretend that I have some semblance of control over my life.)

The following is my availability based on my current schedule.
► Available on all days of the week except for Sunday.
► Unavailable on all days of the week between 04:30am-12:45pm.
► Slow or inactive on weekdays between 04:00pm-11:55pm.
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